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Oct. 3rd, 2011


Asian bribes and sharings [last update: 20100531]

This is all my bribes and sharings of Asian music
No need to comment, but they warm my heart ~ <3

cut is for bribesCollapse )

Dec. 9th, 2010



 Hey guys.

I'm sorry to say that.. Blogspot won over me.
I'll probably only post there from here-on-out.

It was fun being an LJ-blogger, and I'm keeping all of my posts open, so anyone can click through them any time :3

Everyday blog:
Zombies and Marshmallows
Cosplay blog:
Defying Gravity

Nov. 9th, 2010


Writer's Block: Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known

Who would you appoint as Earth's ambassador to alien races, and why?

Morgan Freeman
To I even have to give a reason? srsly

Nov. 8th, 2010


Being the girly one?

Yes. The hair is brown again. Thank you for asking.
I loved having grey hair, but my hair just didn't do a good job in keeping the dye in for long, so it washed out within a few days looking more... ew-ish XD

So. This is a proper update, even though I have nothing special to update about.
At this time... I just hang out with mustachebuddy, Nadia and work. Neglect my sewing projects.. that sorta stuff.

This is just a little thing I took, Nadia obsessing over cakes. XDD

So since it's not completely winter here, it's warmer than it've been all the last years, anyway..
I'm really enjoying the skies of this season, it just brightens up my early mornings on my way to work <3

Speaking of work...
How you like my new jewelry? I earned it by burning my wrist on the frying machine. Oh how I just love scolding hot air. Ha.. ha....

Anycase... today was my day off, so I dressed up with my new wig and a pair of heels.
I personally think that I could rock this look on a day to day basis, but... I like my genderqueer hair and uggs XP

I bought a loli dress (for real cheap) *cough cough cough*

Sep. 23rd, 2010



Today I went to CPH with my sister.

We had both skipped breakfast, so we both agreed to get some 'brunch' at Wagamama.
om nom nom nom <3
It's so expensive now that my student card has expired XD

She's such a slow eater, notice my bowl.
And I know. We look alike, we don't look alike... it varies XD

Dried fruit = nom nom, Mango was mine of course.
I love mango. Hard.

Danny Cho, is that you!?

And now we're back home.
Bought fabrics, and ready to get the show on the road !

Btw, Sunset had this staff competition between three restaurants, about how fast we could get orders out.
We won big time. And what do we get? Frickin' cream puffs.
Gtfo head courters. GT-EFFIN-O.

Sep. 19th, 2010


Bag of Douche.

How you like my 'Douche' wig? XD Gary would be such an easy cosplay to do :P

Cosplay/Wig partay at Kiba's place?

I do believe so. Private one, but oh well~

I should visit her more, since it's only a short bus trip away really XD Blah, we're both busy, tired and lazy, sooo~
The bus left later than I thought, so I got myself some special candy (I'm a sucker for anything that looks like cheap american candy, I can't help it okay.)

It didn't taste as good as I thought it would XP


Anygays... We fixed up Kiba's hair and her Madam Red wig first, took about... two hours, so not the worst :P
Then we continued with sewing, cutting fabrics, I cut my wig and talked about our next cosplay.
And gossip. Because we're gossip buddies XD

When she didn't wanna sew anymore, I fixed up her hair, because I wanted to see if I could actually make this hairstyle.
And I could, waay~
Wasn't sprayed and styled as much as it would be, but it was just a try out, so no biggy~


When I got home I took  bath, I'm gonna miss baths sooo much!
and the bubbles, fuu <3 so nice, nom nom nom.

Len stole what!?Collapse )

Sep. 15th, 2010


The Cove

I'll be the first to admit, I've never given a single penny towards animal charity.
But this movie.. it's exactly what people like me need. A definite wake-up call.

I've never been too interested in dolphins, but I know whenever I've seen shots of them in documentaries or other.. they've always given me this happy or free feeling, deep inside.

Yesternight.. I tuned into the 'cultural section' of channels available to me, and since there wasn't anything else on, I stayed there to watch this documentary about dolphins, created by a man who helped 'taking' care of the dolphin posing as 'Flipper' (Movies and TV series), at first I thought it was one of those.. "Oh everything was good, la la la~", but he talked more deeply about the mind of this creature, personality, intelligence and self-awareness. It caught me.
Slowly.. it moved to show the city Taiji in Japan, where fishermen, every September, start 'fishing' for dolphins.


The drive them towards shore, into a 'pit' in the coastline, where the seal them in with nets. Here, they either get sold off, to be part of shows in places like Sea World, or the likes. The rest gets freed, right? .. No.
The remaining dolphins that've been captured that day, (not only just 4-5, no. Up to 30 or more) is taking inside a Laguna, in the same pit, but not visible to the public, where they're speared untill they die. Dying the Laguna's water red with blood. Babies as well as adult, none of them gets spared.
"well how do you know that? They're probably just saying that."
No. It's very real, and all captured on film. A 10 minute scene, of complete massacre.

the part that makes a person like me react... The killing is pointless.
Dolphin meat is poisoned. Not by us, but just naturally, human bodies cannot handle the meat and it will poison us and our future children.

I'll do my share now. Towards stopping this insanity.

Sep. 14th, 2010


Otherwise the Jews will get out and it will not be good!

Today me and Girly met up to do some shopping!
Damn girl. I've missed you so much, we had such gewd time! Really!

Firstly we went to Stof2000, to get fabrics for my cosplay.
Then onwards to Baresso to get some coffee/ice and food.
Well I bought cheesecake XD Top any sort of food really. You know it's true!

Then to the shopping part! Waay~
We went out to look for shirts and tights for me. Boots and scarf for Jackie.
.... I bought a pair of high heel boots, oops~ 
But they're so nice! And was so cheap. Fuu <3

*insert loads of walking around in shops doing girly stuff*

Then we stopped to get some food at this 'diner'-like place called "Burgerlicious" (LAAME~)
Dang, we were tired XD the food did help a little though.

All in all, a very good day, we had much fun and inside jokes as always ~

I met a friend at the station and we took the train home together, so that was nice aswell XDD

Sep. 7th, 2010


Huh huh huh, huh?

It's cold and windy outside.
It'll probably rain ;A;
Dun wanna! I wanna go get dinner with Hayes, FUWARRH!
Yesh. Hayes is coming after school,, and HOPEFULLY I'll be able to make a video for YouTube.
Seriously. I need to pull myself together if I wanna become partner *sigh*

Aaand, as you probably have guessed.

I've started bleaching my hair. I couldn't help it XD
So I've bleached it thrice and using silver shampoo from now on.

I hate the orange tones in it, but I do actually kinda like the yellow ones. . . .. . . I've watched too much anime XD
But yeah. That's my new project and It's going well imo.

Sep. 6th, 2010


I blame Ryu *heart*

wth is wrong with this picture?

You know I'm a natural born hustler~

My stomach is a bitch, I seriously need to get a check-up, something just ain't right x__x; (and be a little pushy with my whimpy doctor)

Today I bought my first silver shampoo.... ever.
EVER. I know. I suck. I've been doing hair for 3 years, and I've never owned silver shampoo. XD

In awesome news ; I MIGHT BE MOVING THE 1st OF OCTOBER!


Nothing have been more epic, ikr? I know.

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